npm install --save react-speech-recognition
const Dictaphone = () => {
const { transcript, resetTranscript } = useSpeechRecognition()

if (!SpeechRecognition.browserSupportsSpeechRecognition()) {
return null

return (
<button onClick={SpeechRecognition.startListening}>Start</button>
<button onClick={SpeechRecognition.stopListening}>Stop</button>
<button onClick={resetTranscript}>Reset</button>
export default Dictaphone
import SpeechRecognition, { useSpeechRecognition }…


Be Gender Inclusive

a graphic depicting a hand, eye, ear, and brain indicating various types of disabilities

an ice climber standing in front of a frozen water fall holding their ice tools

Kat Leight

Full Stack Developer. Prior Project Manager. Lover of cinnamon rolls and the great outdoors.

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